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Restaurant Review’s Online Watchdog

Please Make a Genuine Review Of Your Experience

We all like good food but sometimes it goes wrong and that’s why we need review sites to let the restaurant know and also other customers as well so please spend 5 minutes and leave a review here

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A large majority of individuals dine out every day and night, however, there is only one trusted site online that allows you to publish your dining reviews free of any annoying restrictions. Be sure to leave completely honest reviews as other prospective diners and restaurant goers are relying on your reviews in order to decide where to dine out at.

Please Make a Review The More The Better

We Now Have 143,340 Review On Here

New Sections Added Recently Bangkok And Pattaya In Thailand

Although we allow reviews without any restriction, we do not allow reviews that contain any libelous statements or foul language. We also do not allow restaurant employees or owners to post their own favorable reviews about themselves, so please do not engage in this activity.

Great Food Reviews

It is very beneficial to leave reviews as it helps dining venues maintain the best service possible. It also helps prospective diners discover new and exiting dining venues. Be sure to leave your most honest review regardless of whether or not it is positive, neutral or negative. Please just be sure that your review isn’t libelous in any way. By leaving your reviews you could end up winning a free meal for 2. If you notice that your favorite dining venue isn’t listed with us then be sure to let us know through our Suggest a Venue page. You can also inform us if one the restaurants listed is no longer in business or has closed down.

Online reviews can simply make or break a restaurant business and for that reason restaurant watchdog was born, Here you can listen and respond fast to any complaints. Just think before restaurant watchdog the customer would be lost forever but now you can respond promptly and help them

Online reviews have a direct impact on your business just the same as cash flow as both will in the end close you down


A survey from Harvard Business School recently said that a 10 star rating would lead to a 9%  increase in turnover, Cone Research also have stated that 8 out of 10 will call and cancel a booking after reading just one negative review,

Use restaurant watchdog as your business tool to answer and help unhappy customers

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